Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast and the Kingdom of the Netherlands have maintained diplomatic relations since 1701. Today Ghana and the Netherlands are building on this long-standing relationship through trade and development. Ghana is one of the 15 development cooperation partners of the Netherlands and the Netherlands remains one of Ghana’s foremost trading partners in the world. Correspondingly, the Dutch and Ghanaian private sectors have extensive links across many sectors.

The Ghanaian diaspora in the Netherlands is amongst the largest of any African diaspora community in the Netherlands. They represent a vibrant professional body who have made significant contributions to the socio-cultural, political and economic development of their country of origin Ghana, as well as their newfound home, The Netherlands.

The Ghana Embassy, based in The Hague serves all constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; which includes the special municipalities of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba as well as the states of Aruba, Curacao and Sint Marteen under the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Embassy is also accredited to the Hague based international organizations; such as the International Criminal Court (ICC), The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), and the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) among others.

By mandate, it is our mission to support the Ghanaian diaspora in the Netherlands as well as our Dutch partners in the public and private sectors to engage in trade and investment, tourism and other diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Ghana. Via the website you are welcome to browse for information and make to contact when necessary. The doors of the Ghana Embassy are always open!